The Weitzman Jossen Team

Lower Manhattan's Premier Real Estate partners

Jessica Weitzman

Jessica’s illustrious real estate career was built on the foundations of service, hard work, enthusiasm, and sheer enjoyment in finding the perfect fit.

Jonathan Jossen 

Jonathan is a dedicated real estate expert who leverages decades of experience as a hedge fund manager to help his clients find properties that fit their needs and goals.

David Purpera

I’ve always had a passion for New Dev. Having experience in planning, design and construction, I have a unique perspective that brings value to my clients.

The Opportunity

We have the opportunity to combine the proven success of to top producing brokers with an agent who is well versed in the design, development and marketing of projects internationally. This team would create a unique entity that would be beyond anything at Corcoran as well as have internal capabilities that can rival the upstart disruptors like Serhant. The combination would create the opportunity for unprecedented scale and growth.



Joining forces will require a great deal of planning and organization. Running multiple campaigns and routing traffic will become a significant challenge as we scale. To address this, we will build a system that will enable us to add back office personnel and train them on the “how” and provide adequate training  to ensure success. 


  • Listing Promotion
  • New Listing Acquisition
  • Client Communications & Outreach
  • Team Branding & Promotion

Listing Promotion

Property Media & Marketing 

When listing properties, we can systematically elevate our listings through the use of technology. Photos are important but to create 3D tours & Videos to capture the essence of the property and the surroundings make a big difference in capturing the attention of potential buyers.  


  • Matterport Tours
  • Property Videos
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Content Marketing Strategy

New Listing Acquisition

Business Development

Building the business will come from a variety of sources. Our current databases will provide a jumping off point to maintain communication as well as stay in the running for future needs. Specific building targeting via mail and other measures should be prioritized to open new doors for repeat business.


  • CRM Set Up & Execution
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Geo-Targeted Social Marketing
  • Personal Events

Client Communications & Outreach

Client Relations 

Repeat business is the best source of new business. Staying in touch has never been easier with the use of a CRM and other automated tools. In addition to email lists, I’d like to employ birthday texts and useful promotional media sent to them via mail. Postcards and market reports are a cheap way to do this but sending flash drives or Starbucks cards are my favorite way to keep the door of communication open. Hot topics of the day that can be rapidly deployed also have a big effect on how well the campaigns perform.


  • Market Report Template
  • Post Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Other Campaign Material

Team Branding & Promotion


Branding the team is important to let the market know that we have arrived. From naming the team to presenting ourselves as dynamic individuals with a passion for what we do, it is all important to getting the results we desire.

I like a bit of what Serhant does from a marketing standpoint but hate the millennial feel. Official Partners is my favorite but too “exclusive” for our use.


  • Video Thought Pieces
  • Team Website
  • Branding
  • Print Media Development
  • Personal Touch Routine
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