David Purpera brings a unique mix of professional skills that have been paramount to his success. His diverse background in manufacturing, product development, marketing, entertainment, and real estate development have undoubtedly contributed to one of the most unique repertoires in the business. 

Joining Corcoran, New York’s most successful firm, compliments his expertise in development, construction and design with an outstanding team of established producers. 

Focusing on existing luxury and new construction residential deals, David consistently finds value and opportunity for his clients.


Conceptualized a California resort concept and acquired 107 acres for development, rezoning the property to full commercial hospitality, creating one of the largest hotel properties in the billion dollar hospitality industry in the Coachella Valley, doubling the sale price in 3 years.

During his time in California, he performed the bulk of the predevelopment work, design and rough CE required to gain the City’s approval. He worked closely with the city’s politicians, planning board and local community. As a result, he rezoned 107 acres of residential property to full Hospitality / Hotel designation in less than 6 months.


After years as a member and advocate for the development of a $150m project on land owned by the organization, David was elected as the Finance officer during the planning & implementation of a waterfront development / land lease deal for a historic veterans post in Miami FL. The result was a large rental project that houses a new veterans facility and a Trust that funds the organization for years to come.


A prominent family from the Bahamas contracted David to conduct feasibility studies for development and the political landscape for 8700 acres in the Bahamas, a short distance from Disney’s $1b acquisition of Lighthouse Point, requiring a year of financial, engineering and legal studies. The project included extensive time “on the ground”, surveying the virgin land as well as meeting with lawyers & politicians to assess the financial & regulatory climate to accurately calculate timing and cost.


David was elected to the Board of Directors in January 2006 for a 2 year term of a highly successful Community Development Corporation in Cleveland. The organization acts as a liaison for the City and manages Federal Block Grant money slated for the area.

During his time there, he chaired the Housing, Long Range Planning, and Economic Development Committees. The experience was definitely valuable, having to find a common ground to build on with parties of very different interests, motives, and positions. Through a lot of compromise, many new residential & commercial projects got off the ground.

In addition to designing and building his own properties, David was fortunate enough to join one of the most talented boutique design firms in Miami, Design Philosophy.

De Phi specializes in commercial retail, hospitality and luxury residential properties in Miami, NYC, The Caribbean and Europe. During his time with the firm, David learned a lot about the commercial design process and participated in some amazing projects, from a 5 star hotel for Wyndham in Spain to several large multi-family projects with Related in Miami. He loved working with such a talented team and experience the dedication required for their designs to become reality.



David’s first foray into marketing was in 2006, where he created an early social media company around nightlife and entertainment with thousands of active members. In addition to editorial content, Spot has also produced countless fashion, cultural, and musical events.

In 2008, David partnered up with a groundbreaking multimedia producer & designer, Jude Goergen. Combining David’s technical expertise and Jude’s creative genius, they formed Flique Creative. This full service multimedia and design firm grew at exponential speed with clients that spanned all industries and demographics including Fortune 500’s, Government, Grammy Award Winning Artists, Professional Athletics, Real Estate, and Startups. This boutique agency was later sold in 2011 to the Smart Business Network where it continued to thrive.

After the transition, David continued to be active in the industry, consulting for large agencies as well as select companies to continue his work while adding unique market strategies to his offerings. This work allowed him to pursue his passion of Real Estate while keeping him sharp and progressing with the ever evolving trends.

Everything on this website has been designed, produced, coded and launched by David himself.



David joined the U.S. Air Force in 2000. He had a short but distinguished career, where he thrived; earning many accolades, metals and promotions for his performance. David specialized in Military Aircraft Systems and Deployment Logistics – deploying and setting up the support operations wherever the fighting was. Additionally, he took classes in his spare time, earning dual degrees in both Business and Applied Science. 

After returning home from the military, David took a job with Truseal Technologies, where he served as a Field Service Engineer, building, testing, and implementing new automated assembly lines & systems relating to the manufacturing of windows and doors, working within customer facilities across North America as well as training onsite personnel in the process and maintenance of these high tech systems. Having studied advanced manufacturing and logistics since High School, David has benefited from a working knowledge of how things actually work.



Now that we are past all the stuffy, formal business stuff, I’ll write this section
(who really cares enough to read about my hobbies?)

The Constant Motion theme you see here is really the best way to describe me. I never stop moving, traveling, learning and exploring what interests me. Never miss an opportunity to escape into nature, which is why I live across from Central Park. 

I’ve been traveling extensively and obsessively for over 20 years. I’ve gone and lived so many places, I can’t remember them all offhand. These days, I mostly frequent Europe, immersing myself in the rich history and culture it possesses. When I was young, I mostly travelled to strange, far off lands of chaos & adventure, such as Asia & Latin America. That was by design, as I knew I’d grow up to be “too old for that shit” someday. I’m glad I did that pre-social media, as the world was much bigger then and I had no idea what to expect when I got there (old people talk, I know).

As a nerd from the Midwest, I have had many hobbies that peaked my interests over the years from woodworking to art installations. 

But the bug I could never shake was the water. After many years of being mentored by some of the world’s best shipwreck divers in the Philippines, I became a Divemaster myself and spent my vacations there, teaching others a unique way to explore the oceans.  With that comes the unfortunate obsession with boats.. (I’m down to just one now). I love everything about them, especially rebuilding an old beauty. 

So if you have a boat and need a copilot, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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